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As a congregation, we started our web presence in February, 2000 and have been building content ever since.  We are thankful to those preachers and teachers who have willingly made the extra effort to reach out to the world by providing the content you see here.  Their continued work allows us to present fresh lessons on an ongoing basis.  It is our hope and prayer that our influence locally and worldwide will continue to grow into the future as it has since we started tracking.


Don Treadway

Don played a major role in the founding of The Gahanna-Jefferson congregation and has been the full time preacher from the beginning.  Watch for his new sermons and invitations on a regular basis.  Contact Don at


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Don Treadway

Harry Anderson Jr.

Harry (Andy) Anderson Jr. is a member who regularly preaches and teaches for The Gahanna-Jefferson congregation.  Watch for his new invitations every couple of weeks.  We rely on Andy to present sermons when Don is unavailable.  It is a blessing to have a backup preacher in our midst!  Contact Andy at


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Harry (Andy) Anderson Jr.

Ralph Price

Ralph was a member of The Gahanna-Jefferson congregation at the time the website was started and provided much of the early content. Most of the earliest sermons, invitations and articles are his.  He now works full time as the evangelist for the Streetsboro congregation.  See his newspaper article series on Have You Heard.


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Ralph Price

Andrew Perkins

Andrew worked with the congregation for several years, regularly presenting sermons and invitations. He and Karen are currently working with the Pickerington congregation.

Andrew and Karen Perkins

Zachary Van Tassel

Zach is a member who presents an occasional invitation, has written articles on this main site and handles the website for the congregation.

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Visitor Trending

We have been tracking website visits almost from the beginning with SiteMeter.  After moving to new hosting, we have been able to capture website statistics from 2005 onward and believe that the upward trend in visits shown below is due to the continued efforts of the men above. 


You helped us reach 200,000 website visits on March 15th, 2011!

From the top of every page you are liking us on facebook, following us on twitter, subscribing to the Podcast and posting to your wall to spread "The Word" every time we update this site.  Visit 200,000 happened on March 15 2011 at 5:03:20 pm.  The visitor was referred to us by with a search on "what is expected of me as a Christian?" and visited the page What Does God Expect of Me as a Christian?, a Good News for Youth article published in 2001.


In December, 2010 we added an RSS feed and encouraged our members and friends to add that feed to Facebook to localize what has traditionally been a global outreach.  You too can reach out to your friends every time we update with RSS Graffiti for Facebook.  About that same time we added Google Analytics and hope to use this information to determine where to next focus our online outreach.


Server Stat "Visit" Trends from 2005 thru 2010


Google Analytics begun December 2010

See an example of the details Google offers in this PDF File.  Google seems to be reporting a little higher Visit Count than Site Meter.


Site Meter Traffic Prediction

The picture below is a point in time.  See the current statistics.  The Site Meter Count is what we show at the bottom of our pages.  Note that we are using the "free" level, so sitemeter shows advertizing when viewing stats.