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The Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ

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Most of the items above were written by our Major Website Contributors. They provide teaching about the Church of Christ, becoming a member of The Lord's Church, and what God expects of his people. We have begun adding streaming audio to our sermons, and because it is important to know what the Bible teaches (hear why!), references link directly to the Bible text, so be sure to read the Bible itself.


What to Expect: We Worship as First Century Christians

The Gahanna-Jefferson congregation serves Gahanna, Blacklick and Columbus Ohio, teaching non-denominational, biblical truth with love. As a congregation, we teach and admonish one another through vocal music, pray, partake of the Lord's Supper on the first day of the week, and give as we have been prospered, led by the men of the congregation. Sunday mornings and evenings, we have sermons from God's Word. Please be our honored guest in person if you are in the area and meet some of the contributors to this site.


Our Mission and Purpose is to Teach God's Inspired Word

God's Word teaches that becoming a Christian entails hearing, believing and obeying by confessing Jesus as the Christ, repenting of sin and being baptized, immersed in water, for remission of sin and living a faithful life.


Christianity Means Living as Much Like Christ as Possible

Falling short as Christians, we do not give up, but are forgiven and washed clean by the blood of Christ when we repent and pray for forgiveness.


If you question what is here, please contact us and ask. We will give Bible answers to your questions. We pray that all will hear God's Word, believe and act in obedience, receiving salvation in Christ Jesus.




Don's Office: 614-890-4353

Don's Cell: 614-738-5016
Church Building: 614-500-7757


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